1. What will I learn?

A few of the things you will have the opportunity to learn are:

  • How to control your nervousness when speaking before a group.
  • How to use a microphone.
  • How to prepare a presentation
  • How to introduce a speaker
  • How to Chair a meeting (from small to large).
  • How to use visual aids

2. How do I know I want to join?

You are welcome to visit as many clubs as you would like as a guest.

3. How much does it cost to become a member?

This also varies from club to club, but never does it cost more per year than most $199 on-day seminars.

4. How long are the meetings?

The length of each meeting varies from club to club, but usually stays in the time frame of one to two hours in length.

5. How often and when are these meetings?

Each club selects the day, the frequency, and the location of their meetings according to the needs of their members. The number of meetings per month and the time of each meeting vary from club to club. There are daytime and evening meetings.

6. How do I find a club in my home or work are?

Visit our listing of clubs. We know you will find one near your home or work- area.

7. What is a POWERtalk International Club?

POWERtalk International clubs are small groups of people in an area who meet for the training offered.

8. Where is POWERtalk International located?

There are POWERtalk International clubs in many State of the US as well as many countries outside of the United States.

9. What is POWERtalk International?

An international committed to helping people improve their skills. With POWERtalk International, you receive hands-on for improving your communication and leadership skills in a friendly environment.