Membership is open to anyone who is interested in learning POWERtalk communication and leadership skills. Clubs usually meet once a month or as often as the club deems necessary, at a time and place suitable for their individual members. To begin the membership process to join our local International Training in Communication club, START HERE. Once we receive your request for a membership,we will send you all the necessary paperwork/applications needed in order to begin the membership process. Once your membership application has been processed and you have paid the membership fees in full, we will notify you of your active membership. Then you may come back to this website and register for an online account here to access exclusive member pages and/or information within our website. You will be provided with your own login information upon registering for an account with our site. Please allow 24 hrs after requesting/registering for an account on the website for your account to be approved and to be granted login access to the member site areas/pages, as all online membership registrations are manually approved by our site moderator to ensure you have already paid your membership dues and your membership application has already been processed and approved.

The process for becoming a member is simple:

You request an application HERE. Once you receive the application, follow the instructions provided with the application on how to pay for your membership dues and where to send your payments. Once you have filled out the application mail it to the specified address provided in the application instructions along with your membership dues. You will be notified of your successful, active membership and can then return here to register for your online account which gives you access to members only information, event notifications, personal profile and more! Dues are sometimes pro-rated to a lower amount dependent on what month you join. The dues pay for up to four levels (International, Regional, Council and Club) of the organization which allows access to new audiences, wider training opportunities and higher skill levels;  through joint meetings and programs, annual region conferences and even biennial international conventions, members are offered continued growth and learning.


If you are already a member and would just like to setup your online members account for the website in order to access important members only information such as forms and upcoming event registration, you may register here.